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Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

The TV ads have started for Windows 11 with all the beautiful colors and the vague tag line, “It all starts now…” and everyone is wondering Is this really “the next big thing?” Is it really bigger-better-faster? And most importantly, should I upgrade? (Spoiler ...Read More

Goodbye, Dixie Belle Moody

(Written June 17, 2020) It had been six months or so since our sweet Beagle/Jack Russell mix, Pepper, had left us. Cancer. We had gathered around him, loved on him, and then watched the merciful drug put him into an everlasting sleep. We wept ...Read More

The Key Ingredient to Weight-Loss Success

For those of us who’ve waged a lifelong “battle with the bulge,” the pitfalls of dieting are all too familiar. Anybody can follow a difficult eating plan for a few weeks, or at least a couple. But eating in a way that seriously reduces ...Read More

Keto Basic Concepts

Carbs, Macros, Ketones, and Net Carbs Learning the Language of Keto Ketogenic eating (“Keto”) has fast become one of the most popular approaches to healthy eating and weight loss. This low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating style isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay – because it’s ...Read More

What the Heck Is Keto (ketogenic eating)?

Rosie and I and two of our boys lived for several years in an economically “landlocked” part of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. In fact, we lived for a couple of those years right smack inside the Mark Twain National Forest, in a little ...Read More

Keto to the Rescue: How Keto (Probably) Saved My Life

Disclaimer: [This article, and other articles in the Keto category on this website, are meant to help people who are engaged in, or considering, the ketogenic style of eating. This eating style is not for everyone, and serious medical considerations are involved in choosing ...Read More


Okay. We need to talk. This is going to be hard for you to hear, but SOMEBODY has to tell you. You HAVE to break up with Windows 7 (or ANY previous version of Windows)! And you have to do it by the end ...Read More

The Teddy Bear Time Machine

I was stuffing the toys back into the toy closet after a visit from grandchildren when I suddenly became aware that I was being watched. Peering at me from the back of the closet was a teddy bear – a little bit frayed and ...Read More

When You Buy a Gift Online for a Friend

ME: My friends are getting married and I want to buy them something nice that they want. I see on their registry list that they want an Instant Pot. I have NO interest in Instant Pots – zero, zilch, zip. I just want to ...Read More