I’m Not Like Everybody Else

I’m not like everybody else.icewater

Take restaurants for example. When I go into a restaurant, I want to sit at a table, not in a booth.  Recent studies show that everybody except me wants a booth. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t push booths together to make one REALLY BIG booth (“Eisenstein, party of 16.”), tables might disappear from restaurants altogether!

And then the glass of water. When did a wedge of lemon hanging on the lip of the glass become mandatory? I like water-flavored water, not lemon-flavored water. I ask for “ice water, no lemon, please,” and if they bring it to me with lemon, I want a fresh glass, not just the same one with the lemon removed.

And I don’t use a straw.

And I usually don’t like the sandwich just the way it is. “Sure, I can make that without honey mustard and with extra mushrooms, sir.  We can have that ready for you Tuesday. And that’ll be two dollars extra.”

I’m not like everybody else.

But here’s the thing:

You’re not like everybody else either!

I have a songwriter friend (remember, I live in Nashville) who puts it this way:

“Everybody’s different from the way we all are.
It’s not that we’re all weird, it’s just there’s no such thing as par.”
(“Backwards in the Back” by Alan Robertson)

We’re all unique, with different personalities, different preferences, and different quirks. And that’s what makes life fun. Each of us with our uniquenesses becoming all of us sharing life.

None of us is really “like everybody else.” Neither is everybody else!

  1. June 9, 2016
    • June 9, 2016

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