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Okay. We need to talk. This is going to be hard for you to hear, but SOMEBODY has to tell you. You HAVE to break up with Windows 7 (or ANY previous version of Windows)! And you have to do it by the end ...Read More

Make Your Windows 10 Look and Act Like Windows 7

(Well, mostly…) I still run into people who are unhappy with Windows 10. They LOVED Windows 7, hated Windows 8 (those who used it), and don’t find Windows 10 a satisfactory “step forward.” I had a client this week who fits that description. She ...Read More

Getting Started with Windows 10

So you just upgraded to Windows 10, and things look different? Don’t panic! It’s really not all that different from Windows 7 (quite a bit different, though, from Windows 8). Despite what all the self-help gurus and “cheerleaders for change” will tell you, most ...Read More

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

As a computer tech of 21+ years, I am often asked by my friends, acquaintances, fellow church members, etc. for computer advice. Since the “window of opportunity” to upgrade your desktop or laptop PC to Windows 10 for free* will soon be drawing to ...Read More