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When You Buy a Gift Online for a Friend

ME: My friends are getting married and I want to buy them something nice that they want. I see on their registry list that they want an Instant Pot. I have NO interest in Instant Pots – zero, zilch, zip. I just want to ...Read More

The Irony of Autocorrect

Please get your right hand ready, and indulge me in a little “show of hands” survey. All right. Show of hands. How many of you have a cell phone? That’s all of you. When you are messaging or posting, how many of you have ...Read More

The Fact that You Know It Doesn’t Make It True

Life Lessons from the Front Porch What does it mean to “know” something? Great thinkers and philosophers have been debating this from time immemorial. There is even a branch of study devoted to this. It is called epistemology. The study of how it is ...Read More

Something Missing This Christmas?

As we enter this festive season, it seems as though there’s something missing. You feel it too, don’t you? It’s simply this: the Rolling Stones have never released an album of their holiday favorites. Who wouldn’t want to hear Mick warble a few spasms ...Read More

The Search for Intelligent Life Continues

The search for intelligent life continues… I’m not talking about somewhere in outer space, I’m talking about right here on earth – in your town and mine. And it’s not just people. The bottom of the “brain chain” here in Nashville is occupied by ...Read More

26 Words that Are Fun to Say

snollygoster fopdoodle codswallop slangwhanger metagrobolized rowdydow brouhaha hobbledehoy flibbertigibbet rumbus ballyhoo gallimaufry higgledy-piggledy hornswoggle hoodwink gobbledygook kerfuffle pettifogger supercilious collywobbles frippery gewgaw mellifluous bamboozle boondoggle flabbergasted ...Read More

How to Excel at Your Job and Fail at the Same Time

What do you do when achieving excellence in your field and achieving your employer’s desired results are mutually exclusive? That is the question faced by the career sign spinner. Sign spinning, or sign twirling, began somewhere around 2006 as a means of directing the ...Read More

Seems Perfectly Obvious to Me

My favorite “meat and three” restaurant (café or “greasy spoon” in other parts of the country) was bustling at lunch time, and I was seated close to a table where one of the three women in their forties was complaining to the other two ...Read More